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Powerful suction.1 Engineered to keep on their tail.

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Free 2 year guarantee

See the Dyson V8™ vacuum in action

Your pet gets everywhere…

Pets don’t wipe their paws at the door, or clean up the hair they shed around your home. So it doesn’t take long for stubborn dirt to spread across multiple surfaces.

…but so does a Dyson V8™ vacuum

With no cord to hold you back, Dyson V8™ vacuums are engineered to remove pet hair, dirt and allergens – wherever your pets may roam.

Fetches dirt from hard floors

A unique soft roller cleaner head captures all kinds of spills, messes and muck-ups – all at once.

Digs up carpet debris

With a powerful motorised brush bar, for when things get hairy. Stiff nylon bristles drive out dirt and allergens from deep within carpet pile.

Sniffs out hidden dust

The light but powerful Dyson digital motor is balanced in the handle, for effortless above-floor cleaning.

Transforms to handheld

For speedy cleanups on every surface – leaving pet dirt with no place to hide.

The right tools for the job

Fully equipped with a set of click-on cleaning tools to tackle all sorts of mess – from food bowl spills, to hairy cushions, to muddy car seats.

New hygienic dirt ejector.

A new bin emptying mechanism hygienically drives out dust and debris in one action. There’s no need to touch the dirt.

Helps keep pet allergies under control.

Patented Dyson cyclone technology spins dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin. A highly efficient post-motor filter traps microscopic allergens from pet hair and dander. Helping make life with your pet easier to enjoy.

Powerful suction, unleashed

The revolutionary Dyson digital motor spins at up to 107,000rpm – generating more powerful suction than any other cordless vacuum.

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