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Dyson center - Israel, 6 Odem St. Kiryat-Matalon, Petach-Tikvah. 03-6762924

BNZC distributes Dyson branded products through qualified, authorized dealers and, thereby, strictly controls the right to use the Dyson name, logos and trademarks in connection with the sale of its products. When purchasing a Dyson, be sure the seller is a Dyson authorized dealer. Warranties on Dyson products purchased through an non-authorized seller on the internet (or otherwise) will not be honoured. Such products may be stolen, used or damaged and will not receive any service.

Dyson products can be purchased from the following authorized retailers:


Name Address
Dyson Webshop shop.dyson.co.il/
Shekem Electric www.shekem-electric.co.il/
Machsaney Hasmal www.payngo.co.il/
Sensor www.easy.co.il/
ALAM www.miniline.com/
Traklin Hashmal www.traklin.co.il/
Best Buy www.bestbuy.co.il/
Big Box www.bestbuy.co.il/x
Electro Kubi www.electrokubi.co.il/
Lior www.lior-electric.co.il/

A.L.M Duty Free LTD www.miniline.com/
Avi Sofer www.soferavi.co.il/
Wallashop www.wallashops.co.il
Azrieli www.azrieli.com
Htzone www.htzone.co.il
Baligam www.baligam.co.il/
Mamaguru www.mamaguru.co.il/-
Dyson Webshop shop.dyson.co.il/
Olsale www.olsale.co.il/
Last Price www.lastprice.co.il/
Pompa www.pompa.co.il
Netoneto www.netoneto.co.il
Smart-Deal www.smart-deal.co.il
Sancenter http://www.sancenter.co.il
Yarid-b www.yarid-b.co.il
Mispar1 www.mispar1.co.il
Daily Sale www.dailysale.co.il
P1000 www.p1000.co.il/
21TV www.21.tv/
Ynet Shops www.ynetshops.co.il/
Hameir www.hameir.co.il/
Switch switch-elc.co.il/
Halalit www.halalit.co.il/

Dyson products can be purchased via online commerce sites and selected appliance stores.

Be sure to claim your valid, official guarantee from Dyson's authorised importer B.N.Z.C. Ltd.

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