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Get the most from your Dyson V8 vacuum

Ready to get to grips with your machine? Read on for instant tips and maintenance advice, so you can experience its full cleaning potential.

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For longer run time

Your machine comes out the box in max mode, for tougher tasks. For the full 40 minute runtime, switch over to normal mode. This gives you enough power to clean your whole home in one go.

Emptying your bin

Our new bin emptying mechanism scrapes the shroud clean in a single action, so you never have to touch the dirt. Pull the red trigger on top of the machine until the shroud is fully exposed to empty the bin.

Easily accessible dock

The storage dock can be attached to your wall, to keep your vacuum easily accessible while it charges. Docking between cleans is an easy way to maintain maximum runtime. And with intelligent charging, it won’t overheat.

Direct-drive cleaner head

Use on all floor types. With advanced carpet cleaning features, it drives deep so you can remove dust, pet hair and even ground-in dirt.

Soft roller cleaner head

Our first soft cleaner head is engineered specifically for hard floor cleaning. It engulfs large and small debris simultaneously, so don’t be afraid to plough through heavy mess.

Choose the right tool for the job

Your Dyson V8 vacuum is complete with a set of specialised tools, to remove dirt all over your home. They click on and off easily, with new quick-release catches.

Mini motorised tool

Use this tool in handheld mode to remove all types of dirt from awkward spaces – such as stairs, upholstery and car interiors. It’s also ideal for mattress cleaning.

Combination tool

Press the release catch to convert the nozzle to a dusting brush. Can be used in stick or handheld mode to clean air vents, table tops, car boots, and stair banisters.

Crevice tool

Also suitable in stick or handheld mode, to reach debris in corners and tight gaps. Clean along skirting boards, picture rails, and between cushions.